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At Swiss Traders International, we live and communicate “Swissness”: Quality, innovation and tradition form the basis for our business activities. We are committed to the good reputation of the Swiss financial industry and are committed to providing our customers with a service that reflects them and builds the foundation for security, stability and sustainability.

Oil & Gas

Crude oil and Gas are some of the best commodities to trade. The market is incredibly active, and it’s well known to investors around the world. Oil prices fluctuate on the faintest whisper of news regarding pricing, which makes it a favorite of swing and day traders looking for that edge.


Gold and silver are traditional investor assets which help to stabilize trading portfolio. Metals have a higher earning potential than many currency pairs. Trading commodities like Oil, Gold and Silver that are constantly in the news is always a good place to start.


Currencies allow you to make money on almost all the events in the world. Currency quotes change every minute, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Each fluctuation is a potential profit. Instead of just changing currencies, we trade them! Join and benefit from currencies such as the Euro, Pound or Dollar.


The trade in agricultural commodities dates back thousands of years, making it the oldest financial market in the world. There are always new opportunities for traders. The most popular Agro trading porfolio now availible in our platforms: Cocoa, Sugar, Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Coffee.